Dr. Dave Parker

Dr. Dave Parker

dave_parker.jpg David Parker has been an elected member of the Wicomico Republican Central Committee sine 2006 when he was elected to first term on WCRCC, and elected Vice-Chairman of WCRCC. David served on MDGOP Bylaws Committee, and on the Convention Credentials Committee several times as chair and member. Mr. Parker endeavored to improve the state party convention voting system, to get equal representation for the shore.

In 2010, David Parker was elected to his second term on Wicomico County Republican Central Committee, and was elected Chairman.

During his term. David Parker worked with Chairman Jim Pelura and served on the Convention Rules Committee, David worked on the methodology of the MDGOP Convention voting system, during that time effecting change to the representation of the floor votes from the counties. Davied continued serving with MD GOP on bylaws committee, served on special committee on voting at conventions, wrote the vote calculation excel tool used for voting at conventions. David also served on Convention Credentials Committee as chair and member.

2014 began David's third term on the WCRCC.

"I'm most proud of the Convention Voting System for which I was the main developer and advocate. After the voting was changed, it became rare to have any county central committees completely ignore conventions. Under the old system we almost never saw Kent, and two or three of the other small counties wouldn't show up - or would have just 1 or 2 people there. So the change to the voting system began to unite the MD GOP, and we've come a long way." - David Parker

Thank you for all your service Mr. Parker!

Wicomico County Republican Central Committee